What is kitty litter?

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Essentially, kitty litter effects the control and management of cat waste, and is usually used in the household for indoor cats and kittens.

Traditionally, litter was made from sand and other fine minerals (basically anything cat owners could get their hands on). However in the early 1940s clay was introduced as an alternative because it was far more absorbent than sand and was therefore, in turn, far more effective as a litter. These clay based litters were and continue to be known as “non-clumping” litters.

Then, in the early 1950s clumping litter came along, originally in the form of calcium bentonite. The difference between clumping and non-clumping litter is, funnily enough, clumping litter clumps together and forms a solid mass when it gets wet, while non-clumping litter stays separated. Clumping litter is therefore considered superior to the non-clumping sort as it is easier to remove from a litter box, and therefore easier to clean.

These are the main two types and the best kitty litter (though there are a number of others). However, all you need to know is that kitty litter is essential to the raising and caring for an indoor cat because it is effectively a toilet. Without it, your house is a mess and your cat is no longer an indoor cat!

Check out our current Top 5 rankings of the best kitty litter on the market!

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